Dr. Sarah Dermody is an assistant professor in the Psychology Department at Ryerson University who founded this blog in 2021. She researches addiction and related treatments and is passionate about sharing this knowledge broadly to all who may benefit from the knowledge.

The purpose of this blog is to help share the most recent scientific knowledge about addiction to the broader public. Unfortunately, there is often a delay between when scientists make discoveries and when the public learns about this new information. Sometimes even, information about addiction that is shared with the public can contain biases and errors. Dr. Dermody hopes that by curating and publishing these blog posts, she can help share accurate and accessible information about the scientific knowledge and progress in the field of addiction.

This blog is a community blog. It primarily provides the collective writing by Dr. Dermody and other faculty, students, and alums from Ryerson University. Dr. Dermody personally reviews all content to ensure its accuracy and relevance. Anyone who wishes to contribute a post to the blog may contact Dr. Dermody directly for additional information.